Sometimes progressions contain intentions that are to be achieved during a year, or even two. In such cases it has always been complicating reports, especially mid-year. How do we track the ongoing progress and reflect it in the reports where there is a number of intentions that have a good progress but are not fully achieved yet?

In this release we allow teachers to mark intentions partially Achieved.

Please see below what screens and functions are affected and what is changing.

1. Marking partial progress and 'Unachieving' intentions

Every intention may be linked to two statuses - a 'Done' status (Achieved or Backfilled) and an 'In Progress' status (Not Started, Working Toward, Submitted) with 0-100% progress. This allows a teacher to mark ongoing progress during the year.

To mark partial progress please proceed to marking 'Achieved' as you would normally do. When you click 'Achieved' button it will popup with a slider to set the progress (defaults to 100%). Progress can be set in increments of 1%.

Please note that marking a green-grey cell as 'Working Towards' will change the grey part to yellow, but it will not affect the green part. Consequently, marking an 'Achieved' or 'Backfilled' intention as 'Working Towards' or 'Submitted' will have no effect. 

To reduce or remove the achievement please click 'Achieved' and set the new progress value (0% to clear the green completely).

2. Gap Analysis Report and Progress View in Design for Learning

One learner-intention cell may now reflect partial progress as shown below.

3. Learner Achievement Report

As shown below, the report does not show the dashed 'In Progress' bar anymore. Instead the teachers mark the 'Achieved' progress more precisely.

4. Back-filling progress in Achievement Report Progress View

The view allows to back-fill progress up to and including the selected level for the selected learners. If there were any intentions spanned across multiple level the whole intention was previously marked causing 'forward-filling' in some cases.
This issue has been fixed now and where the intention is spanned across multiple levels only the part corresponding to the selected levels is back-filled.

5. Parent Report

No 'In Progress' dashed lines are displayed on the charts anymore. Instead the teachers can mark the progress more accurately.
The PDF version of previously created reports will preserve the dash lines.

6. Learning Log

Posts headers for progress updates will now clearly state the progress, e.g. 'PROGRESS UPDATE: 50% ACHIEVED'

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