• rollover to a new reporting cycle
  • edit reporting cycle details
  • publish the reports to Parent Portal and email to the parents

Ok, how do I get there?

In your admin dashboard click "Parent reports" button:

Great, I am in, how do I create a new report cycle?

For teachers to be able to create parent reports, there should be an active reporting cycle present.

If there is none, simply click "Start new cycle" button in the left menu:

And provide report title and report date:

Right, I have created one, but can I modify Title and Date later?

Only if there are no PDF reports generated yet. Just click "Edit details" button and change the details.

When the reports are approved by teachers, how do I share those with parents?

When the reports are ready, click "Publish & Email" button. This will schedule reports to be emailed to parents and make the reports available at Parent Portal.

Once the reports are published you can start a new cycle any time.

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